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Trauma to teeth

If you break your tooth it is important to see your dentist as soon as possible.

Front teeth are often broken as a result of a blow or accident. Traumatic injuries to teeth should be assessed as soon as possible by a dentist even if the tooth appears undamaged as there can sometimes serious long term complications. After initial treatment long term follow up possibly with x-rays is often required.

If a tooth is chipped and you can find the broken fragment keep it, it may be possible to reattach it.

If a permanent tooth is knocked out (The permanent front teeth come through at about age 6-7years), the best first aid treatment is place the tooth back in the socket it has been knocked out from, as follows: however :


  • Attempt to replace a tooth if the patient is unconscious of partially conscious
  • Reimplant baby teeth
  • Vigorously scrub the tooth or use cleaning agents
  • Let the tooth dry out, store it carefully and see a dentist immediately
  • If you feel confident you can put the tooth back in act quickly, every second counts

Find the tooth

  • Hold it by the crown (Top part of the tooth, the white part not the pointed yellow bit which is the root)If it is visibly dirty, gently rinse it in milk or normal saline if available
  • Make sure the tooth is the correct way round and place the tooth back gently in the socket,
  • Ask the patient to bite on a clean handkerchief or gauze to keep the tooth in place
  • Seek an opinion from a dentist as soon as possible
If you can’t place it back into the socket, store the tooth in milk or normal saline or wrap it in plastic cling wrap and get to a dentist as soon as possible.
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